…but you don’t have time to plan it or you don’t know how to do it?
Would you like to do something for yourself but you still have to make it impossible?
Or maybe you are behind on your caseload?
That’s why Checked Zone was created!
We’ll do it with you! From dental care to bungee jump. You can already count in an unlimited amount of pleasure in the time set by you.
Choose your zone and make it checked!
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Shopping Zone

Want to change your wardrobe, adjust your clothes to your type of figure or you just don’t know what suits you best? Read More

Relax Zone

In this zone you can choose how you want to relax. Read More

Party Zone

This zone was created to help you organise any kind of party you ever dreamed of…Read More

Health Zone

This zone offers different types of health care Read More

Family Zone

This zone offers entertainment suitable fo whole family Read More

Extreme Zone

This zone aims to increase your adrenaline Read More

Beauty Zone

Jest to Zone w ktorym mozesz zadbac o swoj wyglad zewnetrzny. Read More